Le crocodile à lunettes (The bespectacled crocodile)


edited by John Hall

An illustrated manual for facilitating Holistic Management in pastoral communities, developed in West Africa in the late 1990s. Coordinated/edited by John Hall, and developed by the WAPPP team. French and English versions, available for free download, distribution, and adaptation. You may modify these files. Some rights reserved.

The "Crocodile" manual


Section File formats
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Entire manual PDF (1.7 MB) from CBNRM.NET
Web pages: Microsoft Word files:
1.   How to use this manual Microsoft Word (119 K)
2.   Community outreach Microsoft Word (734 K)
3.   The holistic goal Microsoft Word (606 K)
4.   The ecosystem's building blocks Microsoft Word (657 K)
5.   Management tools Microsoft Word (721 K)
6.   Testing guidelines Microsoft Word (1,080 K)
7.   Management principles Microsoft Word (792 K)
8.   Planning of grazing Microsoft Word (688 K)
9.   Herd management Microsoft Word (502 K)
10.   Monitoring and replanning Microsoft Word (592 K)
11.   Annexes Microsoft Word (2,332 K)


Section File formats
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Le manuel PDF (1.7 MB) from CBNRM.NET
Web versions: Microsoft Word files:
1.   Le manuel: Mode d'emploi Microsoft Word (119 K)
2.   Animation communautaire Microsoft Word (734 K)
3.   But holistique Microsoft Word (606 K)
4.   Blocs de l'écosystème Microsoft Word (657 K)
5.   Outils de gestion Microsoft Word (721 K)
6.   Critères de test Microsoft Word (1,080 K)
7.   Principes de gestion Microsoft Word (792 K)
8.   Programmation du pâturage Microsoft Word (688 K)
9.   Conduite des animaux Microsoft Word (502 K)
10.   Suivi et replanification Microsoft Word (592 K)
11.   Annexes Microsoft Word (2,332 K)

The "Crocodile" teaching images

If you will be teaching the "Crocodile" to a group, download and print these images. You will need to number these images as you print them; we will post numbered versions soon.

Note: The image numbers in the file names do not match the image numbers listed in the manual or directions. We will post corrected versions soon.

About the manual

The manual was developed under the West African Pilot Pastoral Program (WAPPP), implemented from 1994 to 2002 in seven African Sahelian countries by the World Bank, with Norwegian co-financing. The program aimed at assessing the relevance to pastoral communities of West Africa of the holistic resource management model currently implemented in other parts of the world. This manual is the first one to be designed exclusively for analphabet pastoral communities. It has been developed taking advantage of the extensive work provided by people, such as Lyra Srinavasan, involved with participatory processes aimed at a genuine and effective empowerment of rural and urban communities. This skill development package includes a field manual of 290 pages and 372 supporting images, requiring around forty training hours of different members of the community, over one to seven weeks, according to the intensity of the training process.

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Updated 20 October 2005
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