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Learn what even experts don't know about basic ecosystem function, decision making, and more.


Water cycle basics (830 K Flash). Discover the #1 cause of flooding and drought worldwide. In English, Chinese (水循环常识), Russian (Водный цикл), Spanish (Los principios del ciclo del agua), or French (Les principes de base du cycle de l'eau).

PowerPoint water cycle demonstration (zipped, about 1.3 megabytes). Ideal for classroom and presentation use. English: Water Cycle Basics; Chinese: 水循环常识; Russian: Водный цикл; Arabic: المبادئ الأساسية لدورة الماء في الطبيعة

Slide shows

Erosion, grassland productivity, and more. Slide shows page.


Simulations demonstrate emergent properties — behaviors that only arise from a whole system, not its parts. Simulations include flocking, decision-making, and grazing (range management).


Making better decisions. Have you ever made a bad decision? Have you made decisions that seemed good at the time, but turned out to have bad consequences? Discover some common pitfalls of decision-making, and learn why it's so easy for conflict to happen, even among well-intentioned people.

Resolving conflict and achieving consensus. A variety of tutorials from Bob Chadwick:

Grassroots Restoration: Holistic Management for Villages by Sam Bingham. One of the best books ever written about Holistic Management, a great introduction for anybody. 90 pages. English, French, and Russian. HTML, PDF, Word.

Living from Livestock by Sam Bingham. A 1984 classic centered on Navajo country. PDF, about 8 MB.

The Bespectacled Crocodile by John Hall. Excellent teacher's manual developed in West Africa with illustrations. English, French, HTML, PDF, Word.