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Leo Goebel

Leo Goebel, Joseph, Oregon, USA


Managing for a whole forest by Peter Donovan. Uniting high biodiversity, production, and satisfaction on 160 acres of timber in northeast Oregon. Patterns of Choice, 2000.

A matter of method: Merve Wilkinson's Wildwood Tree Farm by Peter Donovan. Since 1945, Merve Wilkinson has managed 140 acres on Vancouver Island as a whole forest. Thousands of people visit each year, including foresters from all over the world. Patterns of Choice, 1999.

Creating an open log market in interior British Columbia by Peter Donovan. How the Ministry of Forests' log sort yard near Vernon, British Columbia creates economic, social, and environmental benefits. Patterns of Choice, 1998.

Howard Johnson of Wallowa, Oregon by Peter Donovan. An award-winning tree farmer discusses his unusual yet commonsense timber management. The Capital Press, 1996.


Forestry that Works is a 29-minute video featuring Leo Goebel, Bob Jackson, Howard Johnson, and others, written and directed by Peter Donovan. Follow the link for more information, see the movie on Youtube, view the script, or to order the DVD.