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Water Cycle Basics

Flash water cycle demo
1 MB Flash water cycle demo

Discover the #1 cause of flooding and drought worldwide. Watch 1 MB Flash movie in English, Chinese (水循环常识), Russian (Водный цикл), Spanish (Los principios del ciclo del agua), or French (Les principes de base du cycle de l'eau).

Download the slide show to show as a presentation offline (900 ZIP file). To play, unpack and double-click "wcSlideshow.swf". Requires Flash player.

The Water Cycle

Flash water cycle demo
Older water cycle animation

An older water cycle demo (draft). Screen size 550 by 400 pixels. Larger version 800 by 600 pixels. Current version about 826K; includes narration and sound.

To run The Water Cycle as an offline presentation, download the projector file for Windows (right click and choose Save Target As; about 1.2 Mb).

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