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Glossary of terms for managing wholes

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goal - An end result you want or choose to work toward. Some people distinguish between primary goals (what you want) and secondary goals (things you must do to create what you want).

Related terms: holistic goal

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graze - To eat non-woody plants such as grasses and forbs.

Related terms: browse, browser

grazer - An herbivore that mainly eats non-woody plants such as grasses and forbs. Compare browser.

grazier - A person who grazes livestock.

grazing - How herbivores eat grassland. In nature, grazing tends to be severe, as large herds of grazers move into an area, graze it intensively, and then leave. Big-mouthed grazers such as horses, zebra, and bison often graze a plant severely with one bite. This doesn't hurt the plant as long as it has an adequate recovery period before getting grazed again.

Related terms: overgrazing, regenerative grazing

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grazing cell - An area of land managed as a planning unit to ensure adequate timing of grazing/trampling and recovery periods. Generally it consists of smaller paddocks separated either by fences or by marks or landmarks herders can observe. A grazing cell normally contains livestock year round or at least for a prolonged period.

growth point - A place from which a plant can grow a new shoot or leaf. In trees and shrubs, each bud constitutes a growth point. Most grasses have their main growth points at the base of the plant to protect them from grazing. In brittle areas where biological decay is slow, this makes them dependent on grazing and trampling, for if dead growth accumulates year after year it will shade the growth points of the plant and eventually kill it.

Related terms: rest, overrest, grazing

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Posted 23 April 2003