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Allan Savory
dry riverbed

green riverbed
Managing Wholes has one of the best photo collections of successful land restorations on the Web.



Site purpose

This site is for sharing knowledge and information about managing holistically. Holistic management works to create simultaneous personal, social, economic, and ecological benefit, rather than pursuing benefit for one element at cost to another.

This site features real-world information direct from people with practical experience. Not knowledge from "experts" whose theories don't fit the facts. Not techniques whose short-term success causes long-term problems. Just practical know-how from real people who do the "impossible"—such as increasing biodiversity and profit.

Our goal is to promote change toward a future that works—toward a verdant and flourishing ecosystem and responsible human communities.

Site content

  • Articles: Most contain firsthand, on-site reporting of what people are learning from managing wholes, rather than issues, problems, or parts. Managing wholes is less about which practices people adopt or prohibit (often influenced by current fashion and ideology) than it is about the decision framework itself.
  • Pictures from around the world, showing land restoration, ecosystem function, and more.
  • Stories, photos, and links from people like you. We welcome your submissions if they are good examples of managing wholes, using a holistic decision framework. What seems "ordinary" to you could provide vital information for someone doing something for the first time … someone who can benefit from your knowledge and experience, however large or small. We welcome stories and photos of failures as well as successes; what did you learn?