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New in 2013: Finding New Ground by Bob Chadwick

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Grassroots Restoration: Holistic Management for Villages by Sam Bingham in English, French, and Russian. Browse or download.

Grassroots Restoration: Holistic Management for Villages by Sam Bingham. One of the best books ever written about Holistic Management, a great introduction for anybody. Please share widely. 90 pages. English, French, and Russian versions.


The Bespectacled Crocodile (Le crocodile à lunettes) edited by John Hall. An illustrated manual for facilitating Holistic Management in pastoral communities, developed in West Africa in the late 1990s. French and English versions.

From Conflict to Consensus by Bob Chadwick. A respectful, honest, and effective method for moving diverse groups into more effective beliefs and behaviors. Defuses conflict without compromise (which satisfies nobody), and gets people what they really want.

Book reviews

Gardeners of Eden: Rediscovering Our Importance to Nature — book review by Peter Donovan. Author Dan Dagget explains how human management has been crucial factor in creating many of the environments that we mostly now regard as natural, and what that means for ongoing preservation and restoration of today's landscapes.

Ripples from the Zambezi: Passion, Entrepreneurship, and the Rebirth of Local Economies. Ernesto Sirolli's book is the best overview of Enterprise Facilitation (a way of encouraging small local businesses to succeed) and how it was developed. Review by Peter Donovan.

Eric Raymond's essays on open-source development and fostering innovation. Review by Peter Donovan. Includes links to the online originals.

Top 10 picks from Managing Wholes site editors. Ten favorite books each from Peter Donovan and Joy Livingwell, with short reviews.