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Peter Donovan, freelance media developer

Peter Donovan

Writer, editor, reporter, and content developer in HTML, Macromedia Flash, and video, I am passionate about dramatic and effective presentation of ideas. Any design for education or information must enhance usability, simplicity, and practicality.

Sample projects and experience

2008-present: Lead developer, writer, workshop facilitator, and monitor for the Soil Carbon Coalition

2006: Flash/ActionScript developer for Agile Mind, animating mathematical concepts.

2004-2006: Writer, director, and principal editor for documentary video Foresty that Works, funded and produced by Wallowa Resources and distributed in 2006.

2001-present: Webmaster and Flash developer for, an educational website that shares what people on several continents are learning from managing wholes, rather than issues, problems, or parts.

1999-2001: Led the formation of Wallowa County Business Facilitation, a community entrepreneurial development project with training by the Sirolli Institute. Grantwriter and evaluator for USDA project that provided in depth training for 62 community leaders in the Sirolli Institute's successful community-based entrepreneurial development approach.

1997-2001: Reporter, publisher, webmaster, and editor of Patterns of Choice: A journal of people, land, and money. This subscriber-supported quarterly reported on agriculture, ranching, forestry, and community and economic development, with particular emphasis on examples of holistic decision making in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, and California. Sample articles on this website.

1992-present: Freelance copyeditor for Smithsonian Institution Press, University of Chicago Press, University of Arizona Press, and Berkshire Publishing. Extensive, in-depth editing of complex book manuscripts in archaeology, anthropology, history, and humanities, using SGML and XML markup, following Chicago Manual, APA, and house styles.

Work samples


Growing community power briefly describes some problems of economic development in a rural community and some promising solutions. Desertification. A short article on a long and misunderstood word. Biodiversity: where's the beef? An 1800-word essay on biodiversity, cattle grazing, and decisions.


ActionScript tentacles using drawing API and trigonometric functions. 2008.

ActionScript sea critters. 2010.

The water cycle is a 5-minute Flash teaching presentation (about 800K) done for in 2005. It involves expert programming in ActionScript 2.0, including classes and color change functions.
The water cycle, a Flash educational presentation (40 screens, about 800K). The five language options involve dynamic use of XML data. Based on PowerPoint presentations by Allan Savory and Joy Livingwell. 2006.

See also simulations done in NetLogo, a multi-agent modeling environment

Whose perception is the correct one?

I am seeking work on freelance projects where I can use my creativity and passion for presenting ideas effectively and dramatically.

How to contact me

email: peter at wallowa dot net
Peter Donovan PO Box 393 Enterprise, Oregon 97828   USA phone: 541-263-1888