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Conflict, change, and consensus building: articles and links

Index of articles and links

Practical and proven methods for dealing with roadblocks to positive change.


Democracy today: some brief observations by Dan Yankelovich on the dysfunctional and information-centric models of public engagement that remain so popular.

Institution or association? a basic choice for the organization of community efforts (short)

Everyone a changemaker by Bill Drayton. Two short videos. Giving yourself permission to challenge for change.

Democracy and power by Bob Chadwick. How to share power so that democracy works, and people don't need to bypass the existing power structure.

Peter Donovan
circle of participants
A consensus meeting in progress.

Creating a sustainable future for fish, water, and people by Don Nelson. The Consensus Institute effort began in February 2001 in Vancouver, Washington, concentrating on building capacity to confront and resolve issues and conflicts surrounding salmon recovery, water quality, and economics. 2001.

Managing power by Bob Chadwick. Nothing makes people more uncomfortable than the management of the power struggles that exist in every environment. The subject is often too threatening to even confront. Instead, people avoid it. Yet power struggles lie behind many conflicts. Tutorial.

Managing scarcity and stereotypes by Bob Chadwick. Introduces the participant to the skills, attitudes, and understandings needed to manage behaviors and conflicts that result from moving from an environment of plenty to one of scarcity. Tutorial.

New in 2013! Bob Chadwick's book, Finding New Ground

Free conflict resolution training manual

Beyond Conflict to Consensus by Bob Chadwick. Bob's meeting format yields very different results from conventional meeting styles. Not compromise, not middle ground, not voting on priorities ("they're all Number One"), but a respectful, honest, and effective method for moving diverse groups into new beliefs and behaviors. A practical learning manual from the Workshops for Sustainability in Washington State, 2002.

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