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Dormant season

Jim Howell
dry knee-high grass
Cold temperate steppe: Due to slow growth, recovery periods between grazings must be long -- up to several years in some cases -- to avoid grazing plants before they're fully recovered.
Jim Howell
short dry grass, much bare ground
Mild temperate steppe: Though biological productivity is low and recovery periods must be long, grazers must eventually return or standing dead growth will shade the plants' growth points.
Jim Howell
tall dry grass, grazed short at left
High rainfall tropical savanna: With such favorable conditions during the growing season, abundant plant material accumulates rapidly, and heavy rains create an algae-covered cap quickly on exposed soil. If those plants and soils aren't disturbed during the following dormant season, they are a major liability when the next growing season arrives. Here the area to left has been grazed at very high density; area to right has not. A one-strand electric fence separates them.