Directions for managing the "Crocodile" images

Note: The image numbers listed below do not match the numbers in the picture file names. See the Annex 3 of the manual for a list of what each picture should show. We will post corrected versions soon.

  • Before printing images, prepare a set of envelopes, or any other device, where all images of a given module will be stored between training sessions, and immediately available during these sessions. The first two digits of each image give the module number during which the image will be used.
  • These images will be used during the training session. Therefore, print them on a rather strong paper or light cardboard.
  • Print them at the correct size. (For each image, this is given in Annex #3 of the maunal.) Usually they come out at the right size with "zoom" at 100%. In case they don't correct by using the zoom.
  • Some images get used together, so you will need to tape together these images. Use some kind of resistant tape that will make it possible for you to fold them for storage and transport.
  • Images to be used together:

    Double poster 0721-0722
    Vertical accordion posters 1221-22-23-24
    Horizontal accordion posters 1321 to 1326
    1331 to 1336
    1341 to 1346

    1421 to 1426
    1431 to 1440

Posted 15 March 2004