Monoculture, risk, and change

No-till cropping in seasonally dry environments

Long-term success for no-till farming in dry-season (brittle) climates may require using livestock to speed nutrient recycling at the soil surface.

At the Pacific Northwest Direct Seed Association's January 2003 conference in Pasco, Washington, no-till farmers shared successes and challenges.

Dwayne Beck, one of the principal founders of the systemic approach to no-till cropping, said, "My goal is not to know anything about diseases, weeds, or insects."

Wilke team designs a no-till future

DAVENPORT, WASHINGTON--Just east of this wheat farming town sits a half section of gently rolling deep silt loam. Beulah Wilson Wilke (pronounced Will-key) donated this parcel to Washington State University for research purposes in 1987, and stipulated that the farm be operated at a profit.

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