Ecosystem processes: the water cycle

Much conventional thinking about the environment tends to separate "parts" of the same whole. In dealing with water problems, for example, we tend to focus on symptoms -- such as flooding, erosion, and riparian conditions -- rather than causes, which are almost always related to the function of the water cycle.

Allan Savory

Basic ecosystem processes--a short introduction

Even a simple ecosystem is very, very complex. In order to work with nature's complexity, we can focus on the fundamental processes that operate in any ecosystem.

Allan Savory
dry riverbed

Passion and entrepreneurship: development tools for a changing economy

In both land management and community development, people are trying methods that do not involve large inputs or infrastructure, but concentrate more on the ecological potential of the site or community to generate resilient development or production on its own.

Supporting passionate people on their own terms

Frequently asked questions

So holistic thinking and action is the new way. Have we been doing it wrong all these years, and do we need to throw out everything we've learned?

No. Many people, when they hear about the benefits of managing wholes, sense a criticism of the tools of thought and decision making that they have been trained in or have absorbed. And it is certainly true that the technology and economic prosperity that has been created for much of the world by "mechanical" thinking has enabled growing numbers of people to see the ecosystem and human life in a more holistic way.

Creating a sustainable future for fish, water, and people

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March 31, 2001

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Project Summary

The Initial Workshop and Projected Future Activities and Impact

Anticipated Outcomes

Setting good goals

Summary: Two methods for setting goals you're likely to achieve, and will like once you attain them.

Imagine you were shopping for a house, and told the realtor only this: "I do not want my house to have six rooms. It should not have a spiral staircase. And I hate stucco, so it shouldn't have that." What are the chances you'd get shown houses you wanted?

Researcher sees key role for grasslands in carbon balance

Do plants and animals really work in harmony or are they at war for control of the Earth's climate?

Restoring perennial grasslands

Country Natural Beef's Grazewell principles

The following principles are an affirmation of what the members of Country Natural Beef strive for in the management of their resources.

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