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These are our favorite web sites that feature useful information related to holistic management, sustainable agriculture, and regenerative land management

  • The Quivira Coalition is a New Mexico nonprofit and educational organization that helps ranches become ecologically and economically sound. The newsletter archives contain many good articles on herding and land stewardship.

Holistic management testing questions

Have you ever overlooked something important when making a decision? The Holistic Management testing questions help you systematically consider the social, financial, and environmental aspects of decisions you make.

Use these questions to determine whether a proposed action takes you toward or away from your holistic goal.

Take a few seconds for each answer, then tally up the total. If one course of action passes considerably more tests than the alternatives, that's probably the one you want.

Testing technology: what will work for you

Summary: Even technology that seems like it should work may harbor hidden problems. Here's how to find them before you get bitten.

When the thistle wilts at Fat Sheep Farm: Holistic management helps small farmers cope with drought

Colorado, U.S.A.:  In mid-August 2001, I gazed down the Mancos River thinking to myself "Gosh it must have been a really wet year in 1776." This was the year Spanish explorers Dominguez and Escalante traveled through Southwestern Colorado in search of a trail from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Monterey, California. Their journals speak of a drowning and injuries during river crossings, and hence came names like Mancos, meaning one hand crippled, and Dolores, the river of sorrows.

A visit with Tony Tipton

Joy Livingwell
Teels Marsh

Using tourism to increase resource awareness

Less than 3 percent of the American gross domestic product is from current solar energy. By this I mean sale of farm and forest products that are in turn the products of photosynthesis. In colonial America of the 1790s, an estimated 90 percent of the population drew their living from the soil.

An assets-building model of community development

Untrained dogs of yesteryear

In a letter to The Ranch Dog Trainer, one man wrote that Bud Williams, by not appreciating the advantages of trained trial-type stock dogs for ranch work, was showing a nostalgia for the "good old (untrained) dogs of yesteryear." Bud's reply:

Learning from change: low-stress livestock handling at Vee Tee Feeders

In 1991, Bud and Eunice Williams moved to Lloydminster, Alberta to help Richie Davies, who with his brother owns and operates Vee Tee Feeders, one of the most northerly feedlots in North America. Richie, whose operation feeds freshly weaned calves from a variety of sources, was interested in the potential of Bud's handling methods in reducing costs and mortality.

Washington Holistic Management groups report progress

In January 1997, the Washington State University/Kellogg project held a statewide meeting in Yakima, Washington, U.S.A. Allan Savory keynoted the two-day meeting. Speakers who shared their experiences included

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