Videos from Seth Itzkan

Seth Itzkan continues his posts from Africa with two videos.

First,his introduction to Dimbangombe and first impressions:
and, second,debunking a common misconception that cattle numbers are the problem:

Post #2 by Seth Itzkan from Dimbangombe, Zimbabwe

Part 2: Hut With A View - Community Visits - 9/13/11

I don't even know how to start. The words that come to mind are hot, dust, sand, water, bare ground, struggle, promise, thirst, water (again), team work, manure, lions, fire, driving, children, bye bye, hello, and "What is the weather like in America"?.

Seth Itzkan posts from Dimbangombe, Zimbabwe

Seth Itzkan of Somerville, Massachusetts is visiting the Africa Center for Holistic Management in Dimbangombe, Zimbabwe this month and posts a fascinating account of his experiences and learning here.

Modern science causes desertification

by Jeff Goebel

Note: Jeff Goebel has been facilitating and teaching Holistic Management for many years. His website is

The soil surface

Bruce Ward from Australia on the soil surface

Carbon cycle, parts 1 and 2

The first two segments of a video presentation/animation of the carbon cycle.

Part 1

Part 2


If you don't have a Java-enabled browser (for example, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later) you probably can't play here. Most of these simulations are Java applets, requiring your browser to load about 1 megabyte of Java libraries to run the model.

Everyone a changemaker

Having only a few percent of the people controlling the way we live, and acting as the gatekeepers for new ideas, isn't working any more. Because the rate of change is increasing, the failure gets worse.

Enterprise Facilitation: articles and links

Index of articles and links

In 1986, Ernesto Sirolli began learning how to empower communities to take responsibility for their own economic and community development. Person-centered rather than program-centered, and bottom-up rather than top-down, Enterprise Facilitation works by transforming passion, skill, and motivation into viable local businesses.

About Enterprise Facilitation

Brittle and nonbrittle environments

A new measure of ecosystem function, vital in understanding seasonally dry ecosystems and reversing desertification.

Why management that helps some landscapes harms others

Index of articles and links

Brittleness is a fairly new measure of ecosystem function that allows us to match land management to what each landscape needs.

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