Who manages ManagingWholes

Peter Donovan

Who manages this site and why

Peter Donovan started and manages Managing Wholes. Joy Livingwell joined the team in April 2002.

We donate our time and money to run this site because we believe that holistic decision-making is the best hope for humanity's future. In 2011 the Soil Carbon Coalition, one of Peter's other projects, took over hosting costs.

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About us

Peter Donovan has hands-on experience with land and stock management, low-stress stock handling, Holistic Management, community development, consensus-building, and more. He also does freelance media work; see his resume and portfolio. He completed Holistic Management International's Holistic Management Educator course in 1997, but chose not to pursue certification. He was instrumental in bringing Enterprise Facilitation to Wallowa County in eastern Oregon, U.S.A., where he lives.

Joy Livingwell enjoys simplifying and clarifying regenerative land management so that ordinary people can understand it. She writes on a variety of topics, including ecology and sustainable agriculture. She co-authored How to Build With Grid Beam: A fast, easy, and affordable system for building almost anything (New Society Publishers, 2008).

Site history

Before it was a website, Managing Wholes was a magazine. Patterns of Choice: A journal of people, land, and money was originally called Practical Holism in the Northwest when Peter and Erin Donovan started it in 1997. The website began supplementing the magazine in 1998. Patterns of Choice ceased publication in early 2001. We can reach a lot more people with less effort over the web.

In December 2010 the Soil Carbon Coalition adopted ManagingWholes.com. Donations are now tax-deductible.

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How to contact us

Email, write, or call:

Peter Donovan
501 South Street
Enterprise, Oregon 97828   USA
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How to make a donation

Help us cover the cost of running this site. Send a check made out to "Soil Carbon Coalition" to the Enterprise, Oregon address above, or donate via PayPal through the button on the Soil Carbon Coalition site, a fast, secure, free way to transfer money online.